• Lip Filler-Before-After

    1ml of Dermal filler was used for lip augmentation. Upper lip borders as well as upper and lower lip volume was also enhanced.

  • Cheek fller-Before-After

    Just 2 ml of filler can make so much of a difference! One ml of filler was injected in the both cheeks and 1ml was injected in the tear trough. The face looks rejuvenated, naso labial folds, lower face and the under eye area show much improvement.

  • Filler-Before-After

    1ml of filler in the naso labial line improved the appearance of the naso labial fold.

  • Earlobe Repair-Before-After

    32 years old patient was looking forward to wear heavy jewelry on her wedding and she came to us with the desire to get her ear lobes repaired. In the end, she was pretty happy with the results.

  • Acne Scar-Before-After

    This young patient of ours had acne since a long time. We advised her: 1. Anti acne gels and creams 2. Oral tablets 3. Chemical peels 4. Lifestyle modification

  • PRP Treatment-Before-After

    32 years old male was troubled by hairloss. We advised him: 1. Topical lotions 2. Oral tablets 3. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

  • UnderEye Dark Circles Skin Treatment

    Dark circles under your eyes can make you look much older than you are and can subject you to remarks that ‘you look tired’ while on the other hand the truth is that you can then and there run a marathon. Dark circles are troublesome and may occur due to a number of causes, which…

  • Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Before-After

    25 years old patient underwent 5 sessions of Microneedling Radio frequency.

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