There is no doubt about the fact that we look up to celebrities as our role models when it comes to serving looks. Often I meet with people in my clinic who are really concerned about going under the knife due to various myths attached to it. It’s not only the myths but also the fear that not many people in our country go through a surgery to enhance their beauty. Today’s Zolie blog is going to be about some of our favourite celebrities who did what they wanted to do in order to enhance their features.

1) Sri Devi

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Late actor Sri Devis, the queen of Bollywood was known for her exceptional acting skills and breath-taking beauty. In fact, many people were bewildered with the fact that she looks way too young for her age. Thanks to the very evident Botox, nose job and mid face fillers that she might have got done. Sri Devi even went ahead to slam the haters by telling women to do what makes them feel desire after a certain age.

2) Priyanka Chopra

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The hottest woman alive as quoted by Maxim magazine has fans all over the world. Priyanka was the winner of Miss World 2000 pageant and since then the fans have been able to notice a huge difference between her pictures from that time to present day. She seems to have undergone a couple of surgeries like a nose job, lip filler and eyebrow lift procedure.

3) Katrina Kaif

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One of the leading faces of Bollywood, she made everyone’s heart skip a beat when she entered the film industry with her gorgeous looks. However, if you look closely and compare all her pictures, then you’ll be able to make out a number of cosmetic procedures she has undergone. Botox, rhinoplasty and lip fillers seem to be a few of them.

4) Kylie Jenner

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On her way to be the youngest self-made billionaire, there is not a shadow of doubt in the fact that Kylie was insecure about her lips and other aspects of her face. She resorted to various methods of surgical procedures in order to enhance her facial features which have helped her to set up her billion-dollar makeup line. Looks like the odds are in her favor.

5) Nicole Kidman

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One of the most loved faces of Hollywood, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman is referred to as the ‘poster child of Botox’ by her surgeons. She looks ravishing and really young for her age and is undoubtedly very talented.

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