About Clinical Facials

Glow Instill Therapy:

To energerize and purify your skin, so that you get the perfect glow while you are ‘on the go.’ We gently exfoliate the skin and apply certain rejuvenating serums along with hydration masks.

Brightening medi-facial:

To give you an even toned skin and radiant complexion. After thorough cleansing, we carry out exfoliation with a microderm followed by application of cocktail of serums

Collagen-lift medi-facial:

Hydrates, rejuvenates and firms the sin to reduce the visible signs of aging.

Vit C medi-facial:

A cocktail of Vitamin C serums is used which boosts collagen and reduces wrinkles while improving the skin texture.

Zolie Signature face therapy:

This customized therapy is developed to meet the unique and characteristic requirements of your skin.

Photorejuvenation or Photofacial:

 This is all in one skin replenishing procedure. It is an amalgamation of all skin enhancing procedures combined into one nice bundle. It’s your go to for any big event and an amazing way to hydrate your skin.

Before After Pictures