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About Excess Hair

Excess hair and unwanted hair are common condition that can occur in both men and women.

In women, excess hair is often referred to as hirsutism. There is growth of thick and dark, rather than finer and fairer hair. Hirsutism occurs when females produce an excess of androgens (male sex hormones) , or are more sensitive to these hormones.

I had to frequently get the hair on my face waxed but after choosing Laser Hair Reduction at Zolie Skin Clinic I have a much clearer face and significantly reduced hair growth.
Ms Sanchie, Panchsheel Park

Certain medical conditions like PCOS and the menopause can also trigger hirsutism. Sometimes there also might not be any reason for the excess hair growth.

Our solutions for you are:

  • Prescription based medicines if there is any hormonal imbalance
  • Lifestyle modification to help improve the hormonal balance
  • Laser Hair Reduction