Photofacial Treatment

Your face is the first thing people notice about you. But harsh cleansers, excessive sun exposure, environmental and dietary factors can leave your skin looking dull and wrinkled, in which case it’s not enough to use just cosmetics. Zolie’s Photofacial treatment makes use of light-based technology and boosts collagen and reduces redness in your skin, treats brown spots, spider veins, broken capillaries, and other issues and gives you younger-looking skin.

Cost of Photofacial treatment?

Photofacial is 3000 per session (Promotional price 2500)

I love my Photofacial session at the clinic, I feel so refreshed and my skin glows

Ms.Kritika, East of Kailash

Very often, photofacial treatment makes use of IPL( intense-pulsed light) but some dermatologists can use LED equipment as well. It is extremely important to evaluate and understand which therapy is being used, so that you can pick the treatment which will suit you best. Photofacials are a gentle, less expensive way to change your appearance as opposed to various other treatments involved.

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